Sisters fact file


I'm Siti Musa.  Siti is a Swahili (African) name meaning Lady.
I'm the oldest in my family. I have two brothers, Daudi and Hanif, and a kid sister Afia.
My Dad is a deputy head at our school, which can be bad news sometimes! 
My Mum is a social worker.


I'm Lu Clarke and I'm an only child.
My Dad is a businessman - he has an IT office in town centre.
My Mum, who is Chinese, works in a bank.
My Mum's parents live by the sea. 
They used to have a Chinese restaurant. 
 Mum worked there when she was younger.
My parents want the best for me - but they don't always ask me what I want!



I'm Kelly Jonson.
My Mum  is a single parent. She works as a solicitor
I've got an older brother, Jamie. His girlfriend is Susie.
My parents split when I was very young, and Dad remarried.
We don't have any contact with Dad and his new family.
I really want to be a writer - oh, and I fancy Gary!
I've decided that I want to be a vegetarian.


I'm Rachel Phillips.
My parents split about 5 years ago..
Dad runs a small printing business, and Mum is office manager at our school.
I live with Mum, and spend weekends with Dad. His new wife is Janine;
they have two young children, a boy and a girl. 
My older brother Wil is at sixth form college. Wayne  is his best mate.
Rachel and Donna really fancy Wayne, but Wayne fancies Donna's sister Marie!



I'm Donna Mills.
My Dad's a bus driver and my Mum works in a shop.
I have two older sisters, Marie (an office junior at the local paper) and Briony (at sixth form college studying drama).
Marie's friend is Susie, who is Kelly's brother's girlfriend.
I have a younger brother, Michael.
I love animals and I'm desperate to do horse riding but
there isn't much spare cash in our family - which causes problems!

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