Twenty-four stories by Helen Orme from Ransom Publishing.

There's a new kid on the block,
and he's a real hunk!
Nothing has ever come between the sisters -
until now, that is . . .

Having younger brothers and sisters 
can be a real pain. Especially when 
your Mum and Dad are working and you 
have to look after them.

It's cool having older sisters, 
but not when they treat you 
like a kid. And Donna's two older 
sisters are doing just that. 
They don't even seem to care 
that it's her birthday soon!


Mum's advice suddenly doesn't sound so 
stupid when you're walking home alone 
at night and there are footsteps 
following you . . .

"Guess what they've done for my birthday," Lu said. "Riding lessons - ugh!"
   Lu just wants to hang out with her friends, and Donna dreams of nothing but horses. So the sisters swing into action - it's time to swap!

Between dodging schoolyard fights
 and teenagers kissing, 
will the sisters be able to do right 
for everybody when an author 
visits their school?

Siti's brother Daudi is in big trouble, 
and Siti has found out. He was pressurised 
into nicking an MP3 player by older kids - 
and Mum and Dad will go mad 
if they find out. 

Donna's off to the stable for activities week, and she couldn't be happier. 
At least, that's until she finds out who's going with her . . .

"This is serious! It's not just parents 
being parents. They want 
to send me to St Joan's!"
St Joan's is a snobby, all-girls school, 
where hats are part of the uniform! 
What can the Sisters do to make 
Lu's parents change their minds? 

Rachel's mum has a new man in her life. 
How will this affect the Sisters?
It's a difficult situation, but the Sisters' 
advice might just be right - 
talking always helps.

Tents, team-building, spiders, maps, mud, rain and more rain - what could be worse?
Waking up with a river running through the tent is bad enough, but then a practical joke goes wrong . . .

It's activities week at school,
 and running a crèche at the
shopping centre seems like a good idea.
The only problem is that clumsy teacher 
Miss Giles is helping out. 

Series 3. The girls are are a year older . . .

Rachel meets a really gorgeous boy. He's a friend of Briony's, so Rachel decides it's best not to tell the sisters. But of course, like all good friends, they soon sense something's wrong. Feeling pressured into things she doesn't want to do, Rachel soon tells all. The sisters know all about Briony's friend and it's not good, but what will persuade Rachel that he's not worth it?

Lu's Dad gets a new car and likes to show it off. When he arrives at school to pick Lu up, a group of girls start to make fun of Lu. But soon, it becomes more than just harmless fun and it's up to Siti and the sisters to put a stop to the bullies.

Rachel goes to a party with new boy Wil and all of his mates. She feels like a bit of an outsider until one of the boys starts chatting her up and fetching her drinks. Before long the party's over, leaving Rachel horribly sick and Wil's mates in the trouble they deserve.

There's a new girl at school and now Kelly has someone to sit next to in Maths. The only problem is that Carly is really clingy and she doesn't seem to like the rest of the Sisters. She just wants to be friends with Kelly. It's time for the Sisters to hatch a plan and find Carly some new friends.

The sisters arrange a sleepover at Lu's. After watching horror DVDs in Lu's bedroom, it's time to go out to the summer house in the garden where they're all meant to be sleeping. But there are all kinds of spooky noises outside and then the burglar alarm goes off. Lu's parents get really angry and don't believe the girls when they say it wasn't anything to do with them. But what was it?

One of the sisters classmates, Michelle has started hanging out with a new group of friends. They're older and the girls know that they're into drugs. When they find Michelle in the toilet being sick the sisters don't know what to do. Michelle admits that she's tried some stuff and is really frightened. The sisters do their best to help but who can they tell?

Series four - the early years.

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